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Induction Days at SEEU -A traditional receptions for freshmen

As part of the activities Induction Days and the beginning of the new academic year, with a festive ceremony, by respecting health protocols, today (22.09.2021), at the South East European University, on the both campuses in Tetovo and Skopje was held the traditional reception of freshmen.

The Rector of the South East European University, Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti welcomed the students. He especially welcomed the first group of international students from Tajikistan. Rector Bexheti told the students that you came to the best university campus in the region.

"South East European University represents a unique and specific environment, not only in the physical, infrastructural sense of the beautiful campus, but above all, due to the tolerant, flexible, multicultural, multilingual environment. You cannot find this in any other university in the region and by this I mean the Western Balkans and maybe beyond", said to students in his address speech, Rector Bexheti.

“It's not just the knowledge you absorb that matters, behaviors are very important. Tomorrow’s employer will take in consideration your character, your preparation, your behaviors, the arguments you judge, reflect on and how you accomplish tasks in life. Therefore, a complex of things to be happy, that is the pleasure of life. Today, even the most relevant institutions do not measure the quality of life only on the material and financial basis, but also measure the satisfaction we have in life", noted among others Rector Bexheti.

President of the Student Parliament, Agron Demiri, wished the students a good year and assured them that for their future they have chosen the best University.

"From today you enter an important stage, when you start building your professional and life future. We SEEU students find it a little easier. This is because we are the center; we are the backbone of the University. Student Parliament and the Association has been and is tirelessly at the service of students and is represented in all bodies of the University”, said Demiri among others.

Demiri shared the information, that especially for students, today there is a vaccination point at SEEU and that while the University has made it possible for every professor and staff to be vaccinated, we owe it to the University that we are vaccinated also.

After the ceremony, all students continued with lectures and other activities within the learning process.