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Alumni FAQ

Get answer to some of your common question about SEE University Alumni Association !

What is Alumni Association? 

The SEEU Alumni Association is an association dedicated to serve to the University, alumni, students and its friends. Its mission is to strengthen and expand the SEE University by assisting in the recruitment of students, engaging in activities to enhance the university’s reputation locally and around the World and to promote a positive image of the University and its alumni.

What does the Alumni Association do?

It is established to maintain relationships and communication between all graduates, academic and administrative staff of SEE-University. All SEE University alumni are invited to be part of the Alumni Association

What does the Alumni Office do?

Alumni Offices serves as the office for alumni affairs. The Alumni Office primarily functions as the central contact for all SEEU graduates. For questions, problems, and remarks you can always contact us.

Where is the Alumni Office located? 
Our office is located in the SEE University campus, building 304.11, in Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia.

Who can be Alumni member?

Alumni Membership is offered to any person who holds a degree, diploma, or certificate from SEE University. Current and former students, and university staff (administrative and academic) are also eligible for membership. For further details, please e-mail us (

How can I register?

Once you complete a degree or diploma course from SEE University, you automatically become an alumnus of SEEU. You have to complete the Membership Form that is available at Alumni Office, or send your personal and study details via email:

How can I change my address or name in the Alumni Database?

We'd love to have your current home and business information so we can keep you in touch. Please call us +389(44) 356 221 or update your address by sending us an email

How do I become more involved in Alumni Association? 

SEE University is your University, and Alumni is your Chance, so, get it!!! There are several ways to become more actively involved in Alumni Association. One of them is to come out to our events. It's a great opportunity to hear a dynamic speaker, connect with friends and make new ones, network in a professional setting.

Who are the people behind the scenes of the SEEU Alumni Office? 

Alumni Association of SEE University is managed by the Executive board. Members of the board are enthusiastic graduates of SEE University from various faculties holding important managing positions within companies in Macedonia and abroad, governmental bodies and NGO’s. If you are one of them please feel free to join our group!

What are the benefits of the Alumni Association? 

As a member of ALUMNI you are entitled to a great variety of benefits offered by our association and SEE University. Please check alumni benefits.

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