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Arlind Qamili
Undergraduate Studies - Business Administration
Master - Public Administration
Sales Coordinator in the Marketing and Sales Department DoubleTree by Hilton Skopje

The knowledge gained at SEEU has helped me a lot during my employment and later during my professional work. Of course, every company has its specifics, but for me these have been easily appropriable because the experience I have acquired and the knowledge I possess have made it easy for me to adapt and stand out in my work.
The first contact with my employer was flexible, but also very big responsibility, as we are talking about a Hilton hotel chain (over 5500 hotels), where there is no compromise with quality. They chose me to coordinate with sales in North Macedonia. This was a given trust and at the same times a very big responsibility. During the hiring process, many criteria are taken into account that each individual possesses personally, but the qualification is the main part that affects the further career. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel - Skopje, enabled me to prove and develop all the knowledge and skills acquired at the South East European University.
The language flexibility provided by SEEU and my acquisition of more languages, including English, Albanian, Turkish and Macedonian, were additional values in my professional training.
The combination of these factors shaped my individuality gained at the University and applied to my work and current position as Sales Coordinator in the Marketing and Sales Department at DoubleTree by Hilton Skopje.

Amella Bashoviq
Graduated from the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences

The Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences is a highly reputable faculty, which offers unique opportunities and experiences to its students.
Being a student of the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences for me was an extraordinary challenge, as much as it was a privilege. This faculty stands out for its study programs, students’ approach, reasonable tuition, supportive and flexible administration, qualified academic staff, quality student groups, involvement and support of students in various activities, support for student careers, etc.
At the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences, not only I have gained knowledge of international level, but I have also established contacts with various lecturers and professionals who have helped me to create a valuable professional network and look at things from different perspectives, both in the academic sphere, as well as in the professional sphere. Knowledge gained during the studies also helped me to progress on in my career. Personally, I was very lucky to be part of this faculty!
Finally, the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences is a serious and committed faculty for its students, by supporting them to become young and successful professionals with a promising and prosperous future.

Liridona Veliu
Employed as a PhD student at Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland

I have been a student at the Faculty of Public Administration and Political Science in the South East European University from 2010 to 2013. My experience at SEEU has been excellent in all educational dimensions, including study materials, academic staff, administrative services and contact with colleagues.
My inspiration and motivation to research on "Balkanization" as a discourse of alienation that today is also the topic of my doctoral research, is based on the awakening and critical thinking promoted at this university. SEEU, as it should be, adheres to the principle of learning as an interactive process where truths are elaborated and not imposed. Such a principle of pluralism of attitudes is especially important for the political and social sciences.
My message to current and future SEEU students is to make the most of the structures and resources that this university offers. SEEU is the right place to start your personal and professional training and not only that - thanks to the open attitude towards students and the assessment of articulating meaningful requirements, SEEU not only influences but also allows it to be influenced by students. This is a good opportunity to be convinced of the importance of your voice, the possibilities and consequences of the same at a young age, with which your healthy future begins.

Elida Zylbeari
editor-in-chief of the information portal in Albanian language in the Republic of North Macedonia, Portalb

At SEEU I have learned the basics of journalism and communication science. It was a very interesting experience and at the same time very productive. I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained at this university both in theoretical and practical terms. When you learn the essence of a profession properly at university, it is easier to achieve success in the work that you do.
To this day I maintain excellent professional and social contacts with SEEU, with former professors and staff of this university.
Without having a sound professional foundation you cannot have a successful future! Engage in your studies with commitment and will, it is the most precious gift you can give to yourself at that age. Everything else comes with experience, serious work and commitment!

Maja Gjorgjevska
Bank Sales Officer in NLB Banka AD Skopje

Thanks to the knowledge I acquired during my studies, and incorporating the intellectual skills and abilities I developed at SEEU, I was able to begin my professional career as soon as I completed my undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Business and Economics.
I am currently completing my master studies in Entrepreneurship and Local Economic Development in SEEU Skopje.
South East European University is an excellent choice for students.

Vjosa Shaqiri
Communications Officer,German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) in Pristina, Kosovo

During my studies I had to follow lectures in both SEEU campuses, namely in Tetovo and Skopje so I can say that these locations have provided me with excellent conditions for pursuing studies. Indeed very important role in our careers have had professors who have shared their knowledge with us by helping us to have a much easier access in the labour market. The University offers the opportunity of clubs where students can join in order to pursue their passions. For all students who still have not made their choice, I would recommend the South East European University.

Mrika Cami Greva
Resource Teacher-Academic English Leaners,Muldoon Elementary  Anchorage, Alaska

My experience at SEEU was one of the most important experiences in my education.  I was able to meet friends that I still keep contact with to this day. I was also lucky enough to have professors from abroad that gave SEEU students varying perspective during our lessons.  One of the highlights of my education at SEEU was when we had the trip in Indiana with four other students from the Teacher Training Faculty.
After I graduated from SEEU I moved to Anchorage, Alaska. I was extremely happy to learn that all of my credits were accepted and I was able to continue my profession in education. I continued my education here and graduated with a graduate certificate from Alaska Pacific University. Throughout this experience I have to say that SEEU gave me the foundation I needed to be successful here in Alaska.

Jovica Saveski
employed as Software Development Engineer in Haselt

My experience with SEEU is positive, instructive and inspiring. There are excellent professors, assistants, and general staff at the University. The biggest advantages of SEEU are good study programs and lecturers, as well as the simplicity of the administration and the freedom that students enjoy in organizing themselves.
South East European University gave me the opportunity to meet people with whom I remain good friends and associates. I have experienced many situations that have helped me on a personal and professional level. SEEU provided me with a good base platform, with good support, during my studies. Thanks to the experience and knowledge that I gained at SEEU, I managed to get employed quickly and to work doing what I want.
Do not be afraid of challenges, be open and help people. Let the University give you a springboard to the life you imagine. I'm really grateful for the influence SEEU had on me and on my professional life.

Mentor Hamidi
International Financial Markets Investor in Insight 11

SEEU provides an extraordinary environment for advancing research and application capacities for students. Along with the knowledge of various practices and phenomena that obviously play an important role, what also influenced me is the ability to identify specific problems and find ways to solve them.
SEEU has helped me to adapt quickly to different working conditions. In circumstances where workplace requirements vary continuously, the ability to be valuable and efficient is crucial. SEEU has helped me to understand these phenomena and explore new horizons of knowledge.
Understand your comparative advantages and specialize in the field in which you think that you will give the best of yourself.

Alejna Alija
employed as IT Project Manager at Erste Group IT International

If I look back at the past, some of the best years I've experienced were during my studies at SEEU. Mainly I recall the atmosphere in the SEEU Skopje campus which, although small, was full of good experiences. My study group consisted of only 10 students, which made cooperation among the group very easy but also made contacts with the professors easier and more efficient.
After I completed my Bachelor studies at SEEU, I continued my Master studies in Vienna. People often ask me about the difference and how hard it is to conduct studies abroad. I want to emphasize that the study programme--Business Informatics at SEEU--was designed to mobilize us with knowledge in many areas. It provides knowledge that is much needed in the IT field but also, above all, this study programme motivated me to adapt to the international environment. With experience and knowledge over 3 years in Business Informatics I was more prepared and more flexible to adapt to further Master's studies as well as in professional life as IT Project Manager.
I would advise all current and future students first and foremost to benefit from their young age and to spend their free time more productively by being more involved in studies, but also to be interested in the additional opportunities that the University offers.

Tane Dimovski
Head of Department for Public Relations and Marketing-Communications, Agency for Youth and Sport - Government of the Republic of Macedonia

When I enrolled in master studies I was surprised by the perceptiveness of the employees and the professors. The positive energy could be felt from the student café, the student service, to the professor's offices. The availability of professors at any time was one of the greatest benefits. I can already feel the "fruits" of the completed MA studies in public relations and marketing-communications. The education I acquired at the South East European University helped me a lot in the further work of the Agency for Youth and Sports. With the knowledge that I gained I’ve introduced innovations in the work of the Department of Public Relations and Marketing - Communications, as well as in the practice of communication with the public and with the journalists.
My message to future SEEU students without even thinking is to choose the best university in Macedonia, where they will have the chance to gain knowledge equal to European universities, and I will instruct the previous students to constantly work and search for their knowledge what education and the path to your freedom, and knowledge is the strongest means by which we can change our lives.

Dardan Bekteshi
employed at Moodagent in Copenhagen as a Software Developer

I studied in the SEEU--Computer Engineering study programme at the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies from 2013 to 2016. Throughout the study period I had a merit scholarship awarded by the University. Currently I live in Denmark, where I have completed master studies in Software Development (with specialization in Business Analytics) at IT University of Copenhagen. During my studies at SEEU I completed a 3-month internship at ‘Ecolog International’ in Tetovo. In my last semester I was engaged as a Lab Tutor at the CST Faculty. At SEEU, you will be able to work in labs with modern equipment, and to engage in projects where you will be able to use different technologies and receive advice from professors who are experts in relevant fields.

Dr. Kushtrim Istrefi
lecturer of International and European Law at the University of Amsterdam and Human Rights Visiting Lecturer in Riga Graduate School of Law

SEEU remains a leading university in the region for its advanced study programmes, ethnic and cultural diversity access, impressive infrastructure and the professional approach of academic and administrative staff to students.

Shqipe Zendeli
German Language Teacher, Job Placement Mentor, State Trainer, Klubschule Migros Zürich, Switzerland

The knowledge that I gained at SEEU has served me a lot in the profession that I currently practice. In particular, the knowledge that I acquired in the methodology course, which is of a high European standard, has helped me in my professional preparation. I got my first experience as a German language teacher during my studies, where I was given the opportunity to practice teaching in the elementary schools of Switzerland and attend lectures at the Higher Pedagogical School in the Canton of Zug. This was achieved thanks to the cooperation between South East European University and the Swiss Higher Pedagogical School.

Aleksandar Sotirovski
employed at Leoron Events JLT, Dubai, UEA

South East European University provided me with a first-class education and, together with my acclamation as a student of my generation, the SEEU Career Center has helped me find a very lucrative job at Leoron Group, an international company with headquarters in Dubai. I am very pleased with the support that I have received from the university and would recommend to anyone who wants a quality education and a successful career, to choose SEEU.

Vlora Bajrami
German Language Teacher and Mentor at the Klubschule Migros Zürich, Switzerland

I studied at the Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communications, in the study program for German Language and Literature, where I undertook both my undergraduate and master studies.
My experience at SEEU has been very positive because it has helped me in my intellectual formation. The combination of local and international professors at the German Language Program has influenced me to gain sufficient work knowledge for the position in which I am currently employed.
In addition to the qualitative studies at SEEU, I was also given the opportunity--as a distinguished student--to do my internship in elementary schools in Switzerland, as well as to attend lectures at the University of Teacher Education, Lucerne.

Dr. Rozeta Trajan
Secretary General, State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption

Of my education at SEEU I would say that it provided a wonderful experience, linked with beautiful memories. At the Law Faculty I gained knowledge that was useful to me in the further course of my personal development and career advancement. While a student I also studied the Albanian language and encountered different cultures. I had the opportunity to be part of both winter and summer schools organized by international sponsors, as well as the opportunity to participate in scholarships. Through interactive teaching methodologies, the teaching staff and administration helped me in my studies. In sum, this was an unforgettable experience.
Studying at SEEU paves the way to knowledge, but also to professional engagement. I can say that the knowledge I have acquired is competitive in our country and outside. So, during the period in which I was engaged as a junior assistant in the SEEU Law Faculty, I was engaged in judicial work, work in the state administration in a political institution, and ultimately also in an independent preventive body for the fight against corruption and conflict of interest.
I still maintain contact with my university and I rejoice at every success of the past years of its existence. My professors and colleagues are now my friends and associates at work. I am proud of the staff who work at--but also the graduates that come from--SEEU.
Believe in yourself and work on yourself. Study in a place like SEEU. Differences are an advantage and provide a great motivation.