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Faculty of Health Sciences

The Faculty of Health Sciences aims to create new generations of nurses and physiotherapists, who will improve and apply innovative health care, nursing and physiotherapy techniques in the country's health system.

Through innovative, resilient curricula we create professionals and leaders in the field of nursing and physical therapy practice.

The Faculty of Health Sciences has professional laboratories equipped with modern medical practice equipment and the First Health Care Simulation Center in the country.

Students have the opportunity to practice in the laboratories dedicated according to the curriculum, but also in the most well-known clinics and health institutions in the country.

After completing the studies, the student is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to be involved in jobs with responsibility in the field of health (clinics, hospitals, health centers) and physiotherapy (specialized physiotherapy centers, hospitals, health centers).

The Faculty of Health Sciences offers scholarships to students according to certain criteria based on the University's policy for awarding scholarships to excellent students.