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Research at SEEU

Since its foundation, South East European University has been committed to the discovery and dissemination of knowledge. SEEU pursues these goals through both teaching excellence and the promotion of research. 

Research is a central concern of the University. As individuals, all academic staff members are expected to be active researchers, and to demonstrate a high level of scholarly integrity and research ethics. Academic staff members record their research publications in the University Research Database, and individual research success is assessed during the annual SEEU staff evaluation process. All of these records are directly consulted during deliberations about possible promotion in Academic-Scientific Title for the teaching staff.

The University has two main research institutes to foster collaborative and multidisciplinary research among SEEU staff and with external partners: the Max Van der Stoel Research Institute coordinates the University’s major projects involving political, legal and social sciences; and the Institute of Environment and Health focuses primarily upon matters involving health maintenance and ecological stewardship. Within these institutes, research groups of selected staff and collaborators combine their specializations in order to produce work of an international calibre.

The Research Office is the centralized University resource for research opportunities, publication assistance, and the promotion of systematic scholarly inquiry. The Research Office—in collaboration with the research institutes—supports, coordinates and manages the ongoing research profile and portfolio of the University. It also monitors the international proliferation of suspicious or predatory journals and conferences, and advises staff members on the legitimacy or illegitimacy of journals, conferences, and publishers.

SEEU has developed research projects from internal research funds, TEMPUS projects as well as has been coordinator in other international research projects funded by FP7, RRPP, UNDP, ASO etc.

SEEU has published several titles including textbooks and reports of research projects across the range of its academic disciplines. SEEU regularly publishes the scientific journal SEEU Review, with different papers from SEEU staff and foreign authors in the frame of university collaboration.