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Ecological action of the SEEU Student Parliament in Tetovo and Skopje

Student Parliament of the South East European University, today (18th June 2021), under the motto "Ecology is a permanent economy", carried out a symbolic ecological action to clean the city of Tetovo and Skopje.

SEEU students and staff in the action carried out Tetovo cleaned and collected garbage along Boulevard Ilinden, emphasizing the recyclable materials, which if used properly could bring revenue to the wider community.

Whereas in the action that was carried out in Skopje, SEEU students and staff cleaned the street from the SEEU campus to the US Embassy.

Agron Demiri, President of the Student Parliament and Association, said that the purpose of this action is to sensitize the general public for increased care in the protection and preservation of the environment.

"Investing in ecology is investing in a better future for all of us, for a cleaner environment and overall development" said Dr. Xhevair Memedi-- SEEU Secretary General.

"This day should serve as a day of awareness, to reflect and act concretely in environmental protection" said the Dean of the Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication, Prof. Dr. Demush Bajrami.

The South East European University every year launches awareness campaigns for the protection of the environment and it is the first institution in the region, which since 2008, has approved the Climate Action Plan, which provides concrete environmental activities.