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Postmortem promotion of Professor Emine Zendeli’s university texbook

The university book "Legal-Property Relations of Spouses" by Professor Emine Zendeli edited by Professor Arta Selmani – Bakiu was postmortem promoted in the presence of students, former students, colleagues and family members. The promotion was at the "Emine Zendeli" Law Clinic, at SEEU, оn Monday (26.06.2023).

At the promotion of the book, the reviewers prof. Dr. Adnan Jashari and Prof. Dr. Sami Memeti, appreciated this scientific work and also evoked moments from the work with the late professor Emine Zendeli.

The editor of the book, prof. Arta Bakiu emotionally pointed out that the publication of this book was a dream of Prof. Emine Zendeli and that today this dream has become a reality for all.

The book has been approved as a university textbook by decision of the Teaching – Scientific Council of the Law Faculty, and the publisher is Southeast European University.

This textbook contains a detailed research about an important institute for property law, more precisely ownership law but from another dimension and from another point of view.

The book is expected to serve as a university textbook for law students on undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies, as well as for lawyers.