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Lecture for the students by the Deputy Head of Mission, Julia Smyth on the empowerment of women in the economy

In the organization of the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences, today (December 5, 2023), a delegation from the Embassy of the United Kingdom, led by Julia Smyth, Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy--Skopje realized a visit at SEEU,

The delegation was received by the Pro-rector for International Cooperation and Research, Prof. Dr. Besa Arifi, Dean of the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences, Prof. Dr. Merita Zulfiu Alili, director of the "Max van der Stoel" Institute, Prof. Dr. Veli Kreci and the head of the Office for International Relations, Bujar Sinani.

Within the visit, Deputy Head of Mission Julia Smyth gave a lecture for SEEU students on the topic: "Economic inclusion and empowerment of women", in which she presented views on enabling the equal inclusion of women in employment, but also in all other aspects.

The lecture was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences, Prof. Dr. Merita Zulfiu Alili, who highlighted the work done by the faculty to enable the involvement of students in topics of gender equality and the creation of critical thinking among them on such sensitive topics.

In her welcoming speech, Pro-rector Besa Arifi emphasized that the SEE University is an unreserved supporter of all initiatives and programs related to economic inclusion and women's empowerment and encourages students to get involved and be active participants in them.

“Statistics speak of a noticeable inequality of women in employment, but it is very vital that women are included and equal in all aspects", said among other things, in her lecture, Deputy Head of Mission--Smyth.

On the subject, Prof. Dr. Memet Memeti, presented models of how we can improve the equality and empowerment of women in local government.

Aleksandra Filipova, from National Youth Council, presented on models for Internships and Career Pathways – How do you find what you want and what can you do?

Sara Milenkovska, from Stella Network, presented on models for Mentorships and guidance – Who can help you find your economic independence.

In the end, through questions, a discussion on the topic was carried out with the many students present in the lecture.