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Academician Taki Fiti held a lecture for the SEEU students

In the organization of the Faculty of Business and Economics, today (December 6, 2023), the well-known academician in the field of economics, Taki Fiti, gave a lecture to the students, on the topic: "Nobel laureates of economics 1969-2023, with emphasis on the last Nobel laureate Claudia Goldin".

In front of the students, the presentation of Academician Taki Fiti's work was made by the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Prof. Dr. Hyrije Abazi Alili. She singled out parts of the biography, highlighting academician contribution. Taki Fiti in economic thought in the country and beyond.

The Rector of the South East European University, Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti, in his welcoming speech, emphasized that there is no other economist more qualified than Academician Taki Fiti to present the journey of the Nobel laureates in economics.

"He stands out for his eloquence and clear lectures and is one of the best writers of economic books. He is a true professional and in his book on Nobel laureates he has given the best description of world economic thought of the last sixty years. Many of the professors who are currently lecturing at the Faculty of Business and Economics in one form or another have collaborated with academician Taki Fiti," Rector Bexheti said among other things.

Academician Taki Fiti said that he feels privileged to be lecturing at SEEU, among students and especially among colleagues. He presented the topic in detail, emphasizing the concrete contribution of the Nobel laureate Claudia Goldin.

"The Nobel laureate Claudia Goldin best understood and studied gender discrimination in the economy, especially in the labor market, and her work represents an extraordinary contribution in this field," said Academician Fiti.

The lecture was followed with great interest by the students and staff of the University.