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SEEU completed the year with an increase in new student enrolments and record investments in IT infrastructure

The increase in new student enrolments, the expansion of the academic offer, the increase in the number of research projects, scholarships, transparency and accountability were some of the main components that the Rector of South East European University, Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti, revealed to journalists, at the traditional End-of-Year Conference, which was held on Thursday (December 21, 2023), in Tetovo.

"The number of new student enrolments has exceeded expectations, as we have managed to register over a thousand students. In this component, we remain to continue with the new academic offers, because now we are working on the expansion of academic units, from 6 to 7, because we are in the process of registering the new faculty, that is, the Faculty of Technical Sciences, which goes in terms of the requirements and specifications required by the labor market" noted Rector Bexheti.

Regarding student scholarships, Rector Bexheti emphasized that the same package of scholarships remains, according to which new students gain scholarships according to their success in high school, but with a change, expanding it by offering scholarships to students who do not have achieved success in high school. It's about the rollover model, which allows current students to gain scholarships based on academic success, taking advantage of those scholarships that cannot be retained by students who automatically earned it based on success in high school.

The Rector further informed that the number of scientific research carried out by the academic staff at the South East European University in Tetovo has also increased.

"The number of scientific projects has exceeded the capacity of SEEU, almost there is no academic staff, but also a significant part of the administrative staff, which is not involved in one or more scientific projects", said Rector Bexheti.

Regarding investments in the infrastructure of the SEEU Campus in Tetovo, Rector underlined that during this year a record amount of about 1 million euros was invested from the University's budget for the maintenance and development of the physical condition, where two dormitories and facilities for the new faculty were reconstructed and the entire IT infrastructure was changed.

SEEU is very current as a contributor with social impact, in creating new standards in higher education and is present in all regulatory bodies of higher education in North Macedonia.

"Now even the largest universities in the country and in the region see SEEU as a model of how the standards in higher education should be revised, both in terms of academic, financial, organizational and personnel freedom”, noted the Rector.

At the conference, the entire senior management of the University was present, the Pro-Rector for International Cooperation and Research, Prof. Dr. Besa Arifi; Pro-Rector Academic Planning and Digitalization, Prof. Dr. Adrian Besimi; Secretary- General, Dr. Xhevair Memedi and the Quality Advisor, Prof. Dr. Veronika Kareva.