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The Faculty of Law brought together over 100 students from secondary schools in Skopje within the framework of the Winter Law School

Winter Law School was the event that brought together over 100 high school students of this city at the SEEU Campus in Skopje, with the aim of informing young people with the basic concepts of justice. In this organization, students from high schools, such as: "Zef Lush Marku", "Cvetan Dimov", "Arseni Jovkov" and Saraji Gymnasium participated.

The activity was organized by the Faculty of Law within the mission of contributing to the community and social impact, as well as equipping young people with basic skills for legal concepts.

High school graduates had the opportunity to listen to lectures divided into two sessions from all spheres of law, where the lecturers were the professors of the Faculty of Law:

- Prof. Dr. Jeton Shasivari lectured on the topic: "Types of states according to the form of government: Monarchy and Republic"

- Ass. Prof. Dr. Albana Metaj- Stojanova on the topic: "Legal identity of natural persons: Why does your name matter?",

- Ass. Prof. Dr. Vedije Ratkoceri on the topic: "Crime and Punishment", and

- Prof. Dr. Arta Mero: "The legal path to the family - rights and responsibilities"

The topics addressed aroused a special interest among young people who, through questions and discussions with the lecturers, they quenched their curiosity about these topics.

At the end, as a successful conclusion of the activity, certificates for participation were allocated to the students, while high school professors and lecturers received recognitions.