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Development of Master Programs in the Field of Education

South East European University through Tempus IV Project, successfully is implementing the Project for design of new curricula for Master Studies in Education. The Project is consisting by consortiums of the following universities: University of Rome 3, University of Aarhus-Denmark, University of Nottingham-Great Britain, and from the Western Balkans are SEEU, University of Tirana and University of Prishtina.

The project started with work on 15th January this year and will last two years. The goals of this project are to create a new vision of education in postgraduate studies through Western European experiences and trends, the development of professionalism and status of professors and specialists of education, creating the conditions for participation of teachers and students in scientific research in the field of education.

So far two workshops have been held. In Tirana from 29-31 January and in Copenhagen from 2-4 March, in which participated the local coordinator for Macedonia Prof. Dr. Hasan Jashari and project manager, Ass. Prof.Dr. Arafat Shabani, while the third workshop will be held in Rome from 2-5 April. On May 21-24, at SEEU will be held joint conference of the consortium with experts from Europe and USA.