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SEEU donated over 250 computers to secondary and primary schools

Within the framework of the mission for social responsibility and contribution, South East European University this year has donated about 250 computers mainly to high schools, but also to primary schools and some non-governmental organizations that work with special needs persons.

The computers donated by SEEU are already part of the laboratories of the Medical High School of Tetovo, Gymnasium of Tetova, Gymnasium of Gostivar, Gymnasium "Zef Lush Marku" in Skopje, Gymnasium of Saraj, Economics High School "Arseni Jovkov ", in Skopje. Computers have also been donated to some primary schools in the region of Skopje, Tetovo, Gostivar.

These are only a part of the schools that have been donated computers from the extensive list that includes the wider region of schools in North Macedonia.

Another category, for which SEEU pays special attention are people with special needs, and so far computers have been donated to NGOs Blue Puzzle and Handimak that have submitted requests.

Being aware of the mission and social responsibility, South East European University is not only a model of teaching in the region, but also a distinguished institution, which cares for the wider community by contributing concretely through donations or other forms of institutional support, especially to the educational community.