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The National Round Competition on Economics Olympiad in North Macedonia was held

The National Round Competition on Economics Olympiad in North Macedonia held in Tetovo, which was organized by the Liberal Alternative Institute and the Economic Fundamentals Initiative, and in cooperation with South East European University, marked a celebration of academic competition and economic insight.

The event gathered in one place the top 50 students who emerged victorious from the regional rounds in various cities including Kumanovo, Skopje, Tetovo, Gostivar, Struga, Dibra and Kicevo. The competition tested not only their theoretical knowledge, but also their practical understanding of economic principles.

The EconlitX speeches enriched the event with insights from distinguished guests from North Macedonia and Kosovo, fostering an exchange of ideas and perspectives. The panel discussion which was made up of representatives from the Chamber of Commerce of Northwest Macedonia and the business sector provided the students with valuable real-world knowledge.

The event began with a welcoming speech by the Rector of South East European University, Academician Abdylmenaf Bexheti, emphasizing the importance of such competitions in increasing the talents of high school students and preparing them for future challenges.

The highlight of the event was the recognition of excellence. The top three students from each of the five regional rounds were awarded with notable prizes such as laptops, tablets and smart watches. Also, after the written and oral competition, the five winners of the national competitions were announced: Alban Ballaki from Yahya Kemal College- Struga, Ariton Ajdini from "Zef Lush Marku" Gymnasium Skopje, Leonita Malishević from "Drita" Gymnasium Kicevo, Luka Filipovski from Yahya Kemal College- Struga and Veton Sopa from the Mathematics-Informatics Gymnasium Skopje. These students were also given a monthly scholarship for the 2024/25 school year, as well as the contestant with the most points won a prestigious scholarship from the South East European University for studies at the Faculty of Business and Economics. In addition, the top five students will represent North Macedonia at the International Economics Olympiad in Athens this September.

In recognition, the two most outstanding school coordinators were recognized for their outstanding contribution. Sara Muca Mustafa from ‘Arseni Jovkov’ High School in Skopje received the award for best school round coordinator after leading an impressive group of 165 students through the preliminary stages of the Olympics. Abil Idriti from Gostivar ‘Economic High School’ was awarded as the best coordinator of the Olympics, recognized for his unwavering commitment and tireless efforts at the school, regional and national level.

Orhan Ceka, Executive Director of the Liberal Alternative Institute, emphasized the valuable partnership with the South East European University and the business sector in the country, whose generous contributions facilitated the awarding of numerous rewards and gifts to the participating students. He emphasized that while the Olympiad fosters a competitive spirit, it represents only one part of the broader efforts undertaken by the Institute and its partners to address economic and financial education within the country.

With a mix of rigorous competition, motivational speaking and talent recognition and mentorship, the event served as an inspiration for students and aspiring educators.

In the Olympiad held in 2024, 35 secondary schools in 7 cities of North Macedonia participated, with 1275 students participating in the school round.