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Panel discussion on the transformation of society and hackathon for social innovation according to the youth perspective

On Monday (May 27, 2024), the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences in collaboration with the Max van der Stoel Institute held the Festival on topic: “How to transform our society? Perspectives from academia, civil society and public institutions".

“The transformation of society is a very broad, complex and multidimensional concept. Good governance requires systematic and comprehensive commitment of everyone, starting from policy makers, the private sector, civil society, media, academia and the inclusion of new generations, as this is the essence of this transformation", said among other things the Rector Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti, in his addressing speech.

The event was announced and moderated by Fortesa Asani, researcher at the Max van der Stoel Institute and lecturer at the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences.

In her introductory speech, the dean of the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences, Prof. Dr. Merita Zulfiu Alili, for the graduates and other attendees, presented the offer of the study programs of the faculty.

The event developed its work in two panels, the first session, on topic: "Good governance for better living standards", and the second session, on topic: "The role and voice of young people in creating social changes".

The most important event of this activity was the Hackathon for social change, on topic: "Youth-led innovation: Exploring creative solutions for addressing local challenges". In the competition held among young people, the first three places were awarded for the most innovative ideas for the best solution to locally addressed problems. The first place was won by the Gymnasium "Zef Lush Marku", the second place was won by the Medical School "Nikolla Shtejn" - Tetovo and the third place was won by the Medical School "Pançe Karagjozov"- Skopje.