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Financial Aid Office

Scholarships represent a form of financial support for students studying at SEEU. Donors, corporations, individuals, sponsors and the University itself provide grants that are specifically designated to be distributed to students in the form of payment for tuition and / or living subsidies.

Details and criteria for each scholarship scheme are provided in the application form and are awarded based on financial situation of the student’s family as a Need Based Scholarship or based on merit as Merit Based Scholarships

"Work & Study" Program

As part of the financial aid package for the University offers all students opportunities for employment in the "Work & Study" program under the following conditions.

- Student salary cannot exceed the cost of tuition fees.
- Students hired in this program are allowed to work no more than 15 hours per week.
- Selection of students is made on the basis of skills and success.

All students are eligible to apply in the “Work & Study" program, priority will be given to students who prove they are in financial hardship.
Excluded is the possibility that students work two years in sequence.
Students who are awarded the scholarship or financial aid are not allowed to work in the same academic year.

Discount for multiple members of the same family

Another form of the Financial Support Package that is offered to students is the possibility for financial relief for the second and third student of the same family.

* 15% discount for the second student of the same family
* 25% discount for the third student of the same family

Additional information can be obtained at the Office for financial assistance.