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The new Faculty of Health Sciences is inaugurated

With the cutting of the ribbon by the Rector of the South East European University by Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexhet and the Minister of Education and Science - Jeton Shaqiri, today (October 5, 2022), officially started with work the new Faculty of Health Sciences at the South East European University.

Rector Bexheti thanked the Minister of Education for submitting the Official Decision for opening this Faculty and for the general support of this process.

"We have very high-quality offers, in the sense not only of quality staff, but also of technique and technology. We hope that with the functioning of this Faculty, we will also give the appropriate social impact in this sphere as well. Also, today we promote all the technology and equipment that we have provided, especially the Simulation Center, which offers first-year students all the practical opportunities" said among other things in his speech Rector Bexheti.

Rector Bexheti said that the faculty remains open to the community, especially for secondary schools that can use the technological capacity of this Faculty.

The Minister of Education and Science of North Macedonia, Jeton Shaqiri, said he is satisfied with what he has seen today, emphasizing the equipment and capacities for the realization of practical work.

"We as the Ministry have supported these initiatives, as they are in the service of interdisciplinary teaching, where theory and practice are interwoven in one place" said Minister of Education and Science Jeton Shaqiri.

The Faculty of Health Sciences offers two study programs: Nursing and Physiotherapy. In the following years, it is expected that the offer of this faculty will be expanded with other study programs.