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At SEEU the Fair for children with special needs was held

This year, the Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication (LCC), of the South East European University (SEEU), on Monday (22 May 2023), organized the Fair for children with special needs.

Students of the schools 'Liria' and 'Kikish', from Tetova, accompanied by their teachers, are part of this traditional fair, which is dedicated to inclusivity, which means creating spaces and ensuring access to environments without physical barriers, ensuring of teaching aids, easier access to books and teaching materials with visibility and readability for students with special educational needs and assistive technology devices.

According to the Dean of the Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication, Prof. Dr. Demush Bajrami, this fair for students with special needs offers a new approach and a change in the concept of treatment of these children.
"Starting from the needs of all children and their differences in the environment, this new approach can best be expressed within the 'inclusive society', which places teachers in front of new challenges to change and adapt the way of teaching and other follow-up activities in order to meet the requirements of these children as an inseparable part of society" said Prof. Dr. Bajrami.

Prof. Dr. Agim Poshka said that since its foundation SEEU has been an inclusive university in many aspects, such as in the flexible use of languages but also in respecting multiculturalism.

"In the last decade, we have had a greater focus on children with special needs and the involvement of our students in joint volunteer activities with this category of students and the promotion of inclusive education” concluded Prof. Poshka.
Even the teachers of these nearby schools, greatly appreciating this fair, emphasized that they are keeping pace with the changes required by today's times. According to them, teachers adapt to the needs and demands of children, including adaptation in every aspect, so that they can be offered the best pedagogical, infrastructure and conditions.