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Instruction for Academic Completion at SEEU

Considering Life, Work and Career Experience for Academic Completion Program

SEEU is launching an initiative to support Academic Completion for our students that have been once regular or part-time on Undergraduate or Graduate (Master) programs but have not completed their studies. The Academic Completion consists of organized structure of academic and administrative bodies and procedures from the point of Expression of interest until offering services for completion of academic programs.

Returning back to complete the studies is not always an easy decision, but we strongly believe that this is a decision to be encouraged and that SEEU has to support the candidates of this category with additional effort.
In addition and according to our general policies we want to realize this support in a very personalized and academically well founded manner.
Thus we want to take into consideration Life, Career and Professional experience that a candidate may have obtained from the moment he/she interrupted his/her regular studies.
We are proposing a format in which you can organize your portfolio and we are committed to take it into consideration while issuing the directions for your academic completion.

The first step in the process is submitting online a candidate Portfolio.

Upon submission, the candidates will be contacted individually by SEEU officials and will communicate the directions for Academic Completion.

The outcome of the process will be Academic Completion Program including potentials for recognition of Life, Work and Career experience.

Please organize your Portfolio by fulfilling the data in Part 1 to 3. Use professional vocabulary. For all documents provided in other language than English – provide an official translation and submit the document both in original and translated.

For any assistance needed, contact us on:
8:00 to 16:00 (Monday to Friday)