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Eco Campus

The SEEU Campus is unique in the region in that certain concepts in the sphere of protection for the environment and ecological system are being taken into consideration.

Designed from the start as a green and ecological campus, the University continuously invests in environmental protection: ecological building materials; green space care; water filtration and reuse; waste selection and recycling; and numerous investments in renewable energy production and increased energy efficiency.

A large part of the Campus (25.000m2) is a green area. About 60 % of the materials that were used during the construction of buildings were with eco-characteristics.

The University uses high quality filtered drinking water from its own resources. At SEEU, we are all dedicated to recycling waste materials. Due to that, we are separating waste and then transporting it to respective factories for processing.

SEEU is constantly investing in the technology for electric power savings.SEEU also believes in investing in renewable resources. As environmental pollution decreases, this will have positive influence on the development of the economy in the country.

The University is considered an ecological oasis because, in addition to investing in solar panels for electricity production, there is also a central heating system where carbon dioxide emissions are zero.