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Academic Planning Office (APO)

The Academic Planning Office is an organizational unit within the University. This office is responsible for organizing, coordinating and monitoring academic processes under the guidance of the Pro-Rector for Academic Planning and Digitalization.

The Academic Planning Office organizes and supports the realization of the teaching process through careful management of university resources, starting from the process of accreditation of study programs up to the realization of the schedule of lectures/exams,  in order to assist students in achieving their academic goals and personal success.

Pro-Rector for Academic Planning and Digitalization

Leads and manages, at strategic level, multi-departments and university wide processes in the specified fields in order to ensure that the strategic goals and operational effectiveness of the University are developed, implemented and achieved; 

Provides strategic advice and leadership in the areas specified by the Rector and presents the vision of the University.

Leads the development of academic issues, according to University policies, giving priority to the domain of Digitalization in order to foster highest levels of achievements. 

Academic Issues Coordinator

Coordinates the academic issues, giving contribution to the effective central administration including accreditation of study programmes, accreditation of mentors in doctoral studies, managing data on study programmes and information concerning study cycles, preparation of the call for student enrollment, preparation of the University Academic Calendar, effective cooperation with the Pro-Rector for Academic Planning and Digitalization, Deans’ Offices, Faculties/Centres, Doctoral School, Legal Office, Planning Scheduling Coordinator and Student  Services, advising and supporting  academic  staff concerning related issues.

Planning Scheduling Coordinator

Coordinates the scheduling and carries out the effective operation and implementation of lectures  and exam administration according to study cycles,  effective cooperation with the Pro-Rector for Academic Planning and Digitalization, Academic Issues Coordinator, Dean’s Offices, Faculties/Centres, Student Services, advising  and supporting staff and students concerning related issues.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adrian Besimi
Acting Pro-Rector for Academic Planning and Digitalization
Tel: +389 44 356 178

Ema Murtezani, MA
Academic Issues Coordinator
Tel: +389 44 356 031

Burim Ismaili
Planning Scheduling Coordinator
Tel: +389 44 356 050