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The Rector

The Rector is managing body representing the University, both inside and outside the country. The Rector is elected among the rank of Full-Professors with a public announcement. The Rector shall be appointed by the University Board from a shortlist of three candidates verified by the Senate. The Procedure for appointment of the Rector shall be prescribed by the University Board. The appointment shall be for a period of three years, renewable once.

Competencies of the University Rector include:

  • presentation of proposals to the University Board concerning the educational character and mission of the University, taking into account the recommendations and opinions of the Senate and the Rector’s Directorate;
  • implementation of decisions and conclusions of the Board, the Executive Committee and the Senate of the University;
  • organisation, direction and management of the University and leadership of the staff;
  • preparation of annual estimates of income and expenditure for consideration by the University Board, and the management of budget and resources within the estimates approved by the University Board;
  • harmonization of scientific-research and applicative activities of higher education, and other work of the University;
  • presentation to the University Board, Senate and the Rector’s Directorate of proposals and decisions on matters for which review and decision-making are in their competence;
  • deciding on financial matters that are not within the competence of the University Board;
  • promotion of doctor of sciences and conferment of awards;
  • as well as other works defined by Law and the Statute;

The Rector is obliged to submit to the Senate and the University Board once a year a report on his/her work and the work of the University.

The Rector takes care and is responsible for the legality of the work of the University and University units. In accordance with the legal provisions and the Statute, the Rector may suspend a Dean or Director due to illegal performance of the duty and to appoint a temporary acting dean or director. The Rector's decision can be appealed against to the University Board. The Board's decision regarding the appeal is final. The Rector is accountable to the University Board for efficient work and order at the University, as well as for the management of the University according to the policies determined by the University Board. The performance of the Rector's office is incompatible with exercising a public function or function in a political party.