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eLearning Centre - IT Training and Education

The emergence of Information Technologies has influenced a new instructional way of teaching and learning. This trend requires faculty members to be equipped with the necessary skills to handle these developments and utilize the benefits IT provides in teaching and learning.

In this line, the eLearning Center assists the University community in exploiting the potential of technology to enhance teaching and learning. Thus, as a primary goals of the eLearning Center is to promote quality self-paced, learner-centered education through the development and delivery of quality blended learning and web-based courses that can be delivered online.

Moreover, the eLearning Center provides assistance in enhancing teaching and learning effectiveness by supporting the staff to develop interactive online supplementary material to traditional courses, as well as organizing training workshops for the staff to be able to develop and deliver online material for their courses.

The eLearning Center strives to be among leaders in e-Learning in the Balkan region and to lead on the efforts towards an effective utilization of web-based education to enhance teaching and learning. The mission statement of eLearning Center is to prepare and support educators to be empowered with the necessary skills in eLearning to deliver outstanding teaching experiences. Therefore, the center has undertaken the following objectives as the means to accomplish its mission:

  1. Increase SEEU Community awareness of the potential of e-learning in enhancing teaching and learning;
  2. Provide training and support consistent with the best IT practices in the latest developments in e-learning, best practices and quality online teaching;
  3. Ensure educational quality services and efficiency in e-learning activities;
  4. Promote the development and delivery of quality online contents.

The eLearning Center provides a number of services to the university community in order to achieve its objectives, such as:

General and Tailored Workshops

The eLearning Center regularly organizes workshops on different issues related to Information Technologies and eLearning. Tailored training programs are frequently conducted for SEEU faculties to enable them to develop effective online instructions and contents. These training programs cover a wide range of topics starting from instructional design of online courses where participants are introduced to various concepts and tools that help in designing and developing online contents for the courses. In addition the Center provides training on Google apps, such as Google Classroom to enable faculty members to publish their courses online.

Software Utilization and Resources

The eLearning Center supports the staff to use Google Classroom in order to ensure delivery of eLearning activities, which include course content creation, course delivery, communication, and assessment tools. In addition, the eLearning Center provides assistance to all faculty members to develop quality online instructional materials to enhance student learning experience.

Distance Courses Support

The eLearning Center has supported Faculty of Business and Economics (BE), Contemporary Sciences and Technologies (CST), Faculty of Languages, Culture and Communication (LCC) to offer some online degree programs in first and second cycle, and it expects in the future to further the support for the marketing offer with distance and online degree programs.

The eLearningCentre is located in SEE University campus, building 701 and is open throughout the week 08:00 to 16:00.