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Human Resources Office (HRO)

The mission ofthe Human Resources Office (HRO) is the fulfilment of the objectives defined in, and in accordance with, the University Strategy, regarding the competencies of the Office.

The aim of the HRO is to provide the University with adequate human resources, relying on laws, Statute, rules and procedures in force. In this context, HRO is tasked with the management of the recruitment process of administrative staff and overseeing the procedures for the appointment of academic staff to teaching-scientific titles.

The HR Office exercises the following functions:

-Recruitment of administrative staff according to the recruitment procedure;
-Monitoring, processing and supporting the process of appointing the academic staff in teaching-scientific titles (based on the Rule for Promotion of Academic Staff to Teaching-Scientific Titles);
-Preparation of salaries and other remunerations for SEEU staff and other individual engagements (Rule on Ranking and Remuneration);
-Coordination of activities with the administrator for development and training related to staff development;
-Organization and implementation of the evaluation process according to the staff evaluation procedure;
-Preparation, and updating, job descriptions;
-Advice and guidance (SEEU Staff Manual, Guidelines for new employees), processing of staff complaints (according to Complaint Procedure).

Nebi Xhemali
Acting Director of Human Recourse Office
Tel: +389 44 356 104

Laura Kurtishi
Assistant of Director of HRO
Tel: +389 44 356 100

Kreshnik Mustafai
Assistant of Human Recourse Office
Tel: +389 44 356 077