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Language Centre

The Language Center was founded in 2001 and was the first independent unit to provide instruction within South-East European University (SEEU). It provides language services to all SEEU students. Its 20 well-equipped classrooms, and the Language Resource Center (LaRC) are designed to meet the educational needs of the students, staff and the community as well as create an environment that is conducive to learning.

Language study is a central part of every SEEU student’s academic career, both as required subjects and as optional elective courses. Part of the University’s mission is to promote a multilingual approach to learning, stressing both the importance of local and international languages. The Language Center has the crucial role in achieving this goal. The primary function of the Center is to provide courses specified in the curricula of the five SEEU faculties. Due to these requirements and student interest, the LC is the largest teaching organization at the University, with more than three quarters of the entire student population taking classes there at any given time.

The Language Resource Center (LaRC)

The Language Resource Center is a resource and tutoring room for both SEEU students and teachers of foreign languages. It houses a large collection of resource books, several computer terminals, television and VCR and DVD players. It is staffed by students and is open every weekday. Language Center teachers also hold part of their regular consultation hours here and are on-hand for most of the opening hours to work individually with students. The LaRC has expanded and developed specifically to meet the present and future needs of post-graduate students pursuing degrees in ELT.

The Info Desk

The Info Desk is the place where students can be provided with information about timetables, classrooms and registry issues.