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Erasmus+ Dëshmi

Armend Abazi

Ljubljana, Slovenia

I think the benefits of the Erasmus program are huge and I recommend others to take advantage of this program as well. They will not lose anything, but they will gain different experiences, such as the way of studying, getting to know the European education system closely, exchanging ideas, knowledge and contacts with many new friends from other countries. Erasmus + gives you the opportunity to share experiences with others, like knowledge on different cultures, reinforcement of language knowledge and many other experiences outside the faculty space. 

Endless fun that every student covets, I will remember the various events and parties organized by ESN - Ljubljana for a long time. 

Slovenia but in particular Ljubljana for me will remain the city that I have gone through an experience that I probably will not be able to enjoy for a second time.

Majlinda Arifi

Istanbul, Turkey

Participating in Erasmus+ in Turkey was amazing, the best experience so far, I would definitely recommend it to every student, not only my friends. The benefits of being in Turkey were, especially the hospitality of Turkish people which made us feel like home, all the activities and the fun we had, the food was also amazing and the culture itself. Studying abroad was the most effective way that changed the way I view the world. I had the chance to meet a lot of great people, amazing friends and I can say for sure that I made myself some friends for life. This all happened because of my university “South East European University” which I’m very thankful to everyone that helped us with this program.

Ilir Kamberi

Ljubljana, Slovenia

For me, this is the third time that I have used this opportunity offered by the largest education foundation in Europe, the Erasmus +, Student Exchange Program. During my undergraduate studies, in 2016, I was on a student exchange at University of Primorska in Koper, Slovenia. During the second semester of my master degree I was at the University of Gothenburg, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

For me, this experience is very valuable. During the three semesters, in three different locations, I learned enough. Any new knowledge in terms of cultural differences is wealth. During this period I had the opportunity to see the differences in the education system of the respective countries. As in terms of teaching, the way of assessment (grading), access to literature and others. I also had the opportunity to travel a lot, visit many tourist attractions and face many cultural differences from which I benefited a lot.

The advantages are many: improving English language speaking skills, expanding social circle with friends from different countries of the world, training for independent decision making, increasing self-confidence, opportunities to visit new countries, cultures and evocation of experiences that will remain among the most beautiful memories in your life.

Fisnik Xhelili

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Before enrolling at the South East European University, I knew that this University is part of many international programs, in particular the Erasmus + Program. My goal was not only to get acquainted with the local teaching experience, but also to get to know and challenge myself internationally. The Erasmus + program made this possible for me, and I chose the University of Ljubljana. I was extremely happy and ready for new experiences and challenges.

The first days here were somewhat difficult because I had never trespassed in this place before and it took me a while to get used to it and it was all a challenge in itself, but worth it. The advantages of this experience are many, but here I would like to single them out: meeting new friends from all over the world, exchanging ideas and experiences with them, dealing with new cultures and languages, traveling to different countries, personal development and many others.

My experience here so far has had a very big and positive impact on me, both professionally and personally. Therefore, I would recommend to all students who want to participate in this type of exchange and are afraid or not sure, not to hesitate to apply because from this they will only see good things.

Blerina Pollozhani


As a Master Degree student of Contemporary Social Science in Diplomacy, at the South East European University of Tetova, was given the opportunity to me to be an exchange student through the Erasmus programme. My destination was Italy, when I arrived was March and probably the best season for sightseeing Southern Italy. I had to experience and learn through this unforgettable journey all six months on completing my academic programme in University of Calabria, in beautiful city of Cosenza. As an international student I was completely satisfied with the offered studying environment and the university life. In the beginning my Italian communication skills were not so well, so I managed to improve it and so in that way I had the chance to share some words with my Italian friends. Being surrounded by different cultures and socializing with many different students from all over the world, I would call it as an ideal multicultural environment. I was taught to understand their cultural uniqueness widely by joining several student groups through social media that often were organizing events, activities and trips which were more than fun and a good time where you can expand your cultural point of views and your social network. Beside University time, I was able to visit the beautiful Southern Italy; all those historical buildings and architectural masterpieces left me awe-struck. People’s kindness and hospitality left an impression on me. Well I was asked to write a small paragraph and there are so many things that I would like to share but my advice is to take opportunities like this and experience it by yourself, to step out of your comfort zone and have the possibility to create unforgettable memories.

Emine Tairi

Heidelberg, Germany

A really good opportunity to meet students from around the world. Gain a lot of knowledge about the city and also reinforce my german language skills. An unforgettable experience.

Kristijan Fichuroski

Warsaw, Poland

I would like to say the time spent in Warsaw is one of the best I had in my life. Of course there were some difficulties and issues which got solved. However in general I enjoyed my time spent in Vistula University and city of Warsaw. It gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of people and make new friends from different places. It was great chance for me to explore other cities and environment. I improved my foreign languages ability and learn many things about other cultures and life styles.
I encourage other students to apply and try out the Erasmus exchange program on themselves as they will not make a mistake and will find this experience as one of the most valuables ones that they can earn in their life. At least I feel that this experience will help me become even better student and better person.
On following pictures I am showing the entrance and the lounge of Vistula University. Here all the time there were students, eating, hanging out together or simply relaxing and waiting for their class to start.

This is trophy cabinet of Vistula. I was part of their basketball team for the period I stayed there and we were in the first position on the table in that period. It was great to be part of a team with wonderful players and winning together.

Ilira Idrizi

Heidelberg, Germany

I must say I am very happy for the opportunity that Erasmus + gave me to stay in Heidelberg, Germany and I can freely say that this was one of my best experiences so far. I really appreciate it and I will try to give my best and use this opportunity in my life to achieve personal growth and professional development.

Shefkije Alasani

Graz, Austria

My name is Shefkije Alasani and I am a master student at SEEU. Last year a had this lifetime opportunity to be part of Erasmus+ program. My exchange was at University of Graz, Austria.

I had a really great time there. Hosting institution had an amazing welcome for the incoming students and they were very helpful on everything we nedeed!
Of course that as an erasmus student I didn’t miss ESN activities, which helped me to make a lot of international friends and explorer the most wonderful palces in Graz.

The most stressful period during my stay in Graz was exams week, so a cup of coffee and some biscuits was the perfect way to start the day at Uni.
Note: Since it was an amazing experience I decided to extend my sataying in Uni Graz also for summer semester. My home university approved it and actually I am in Graz. This semester is even better and except studies I have decided to participate on NGO students activities!

Fjala Pollozhani

Vaxjo, Sweden

The time I spent in Sweden, first of all, helped me grow professionally, because during this period I had access to a lot of resources and worked on interesting projects regarding current topics such as Internet of Things, preventing food waste etc. It also taught me about other cultures, since Linnaeus University had a lot of international students. Furthermore, Växjö, the city where I stayed, was a green and eco-friendly city, a fact that made me aware about the global warming and the ways people can help saving the planet. These topics are not mentioned enough in my home country.

I will remember this semester by the things I learned, the people I met and the way it made me grow as a person.